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Flag of Kosovo in the Europe | National states flags of the World countries


Flag of Kosovo

Flag of Kosovo in the Europe | National states flags of the World countries
Vlajka Kosova | Flagge des Kosovo | Bandera de Kosovo | Bandeira do Kosovo | Zastava Kosova | Drapeau du Kosovo | Flaga Kosowa

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Information about Kosovo

The information comes from the publication CIA The World Factbook.

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Country Kosovo is situated in a location / continent Europe. Kosovo has an area of 10 887 km2 and 1 836 529 residents. The highest point has a height 2 656 above sea level. and it is called Gjeravica/Deravica. The lowest point is located at the level of 297 above sea level and it is named Dogwood and Bardhe / Beli Drim. System of government is republic and the date of independence 17th February 2008. The capital city is Pristina (Prishtine, Prishtina). Kosovo has the international abbreviation KV.

Kosovo - economy

Total gross domestic product (GDP) is 13 020 000 000 $. Total gross domestic product per capita in purchasing power parity is 6 500 $. GDP grows by 5.00 % a year. Inflation (consumer price index) is equal to 8.30 % a year. Kosovo have 800 000 working-age population (from a total population 1 836 529 people). Unemployment is at 45.30 %. The public debt of the country is 5.60 % GDP. The total amount of foreign debt is 326 000 000 USD.

Kosovo - demography

As suggested above, Kosovo has 1 836 529 people.

Kosovo - transport and telecommunications

Kosovo has 1 964 km of roads, 430 km of railway lines and 8 airports.

Number of active mobile phones (sim card) in the country Kosovo is 562 000. Number of active fixed telephone lines is 106 300.

Kosovo - energetics

Kosovo consumes a year 5 674 000 000 kWh of electricity. Annual electricity production is 5 160 000 000 kWh ..

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