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Flag of Sri Lanka in the South Asia | National states flags of the World countries

Sri Lanka

Flag of Sri Lanka

Flag of Sri Lanka in the South Asia | National states flags of the World countries
Vlajka Srí Lanky | Flagge von Sri Lanka | Bandera de Sri Lanka

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Information about Sri Lanka

The information comes from the publication CIA The World Factbook.

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Country Sri Lanka is situated in a location / continent South Asia. Sri Lanka has an area of 65 610 km2 and 21 481 334 residents. The highest point has a height 2 524 above sea level. and it is called Pidurutalagala. The lowest point is located at the level of 0 above sea level and it is named Indian Ocean. System of government is republic and the date of independence 4th February 1948. The capital city is Colombo. Sri Lanka has the international abbreviation CE.

Sri Lanka - economy

Total gross domestic product (GDP) is 118 000 000 000 $. Total gross domestic product per capita in purchasing power parity is 5 700 $. GDP grows by 8.20 % a year. Inflation (consumer price index) is equal to 7.00 % a year. Sri Lanka have 8 307 000 working-age population (from a total population 21 481 334 people). Unemployment is at 4.20 %. Sri Lanka issued 4.00 % GDP to healt care .The public debt of the country is 79.40 % GDP. The total amount of foreign debt is 22 810 000 000 USD.

Sri Lanka - demography

As suggested above, Sri Lanka has 21 481 334 people. Population growth is in the amount 0.91 % per year. Number of children born per 1000 population per year is 17.04.Every mother has average 2.17 children. The infant mortality rate is 9.47 and maternal mortality 35.00 deaths per 100,000 births. Average estimated life expectancy makes 75.94 years. Mortality is 5.96 people per 1000 population per year.

Sri Lanka - transport and telecommunications

Sri Lanka has 91 907 km of roads, 1 449 km of railway lines and 18 airports. The total length of waterways (navigable rivers, canals, etc.) is 160 km. There is registered 21 ships.

Number of active mobile phones (sim card) in the country Sri Lanka is 18 319 000. Number of active fixed telephone lines is 3 608 000. Sri Lanka has 1 777 000 internet users, who have the available 8 652 Internet connections. Sri Lanka has been assigned a domain first Choose range .lk.

Sri Lanka - energetics

Sri Lanka consumes a year 9 268 000 000 kWh of electricity. Annual electricity production is 10 710 000 000 kWh in power plants with a total installed electrical capacity 2 646 000 kW. Sri Lanka exports 0 kWh and imports 0 kWh of electricity per year Energy mix of power generation is as follows: fossil fuels: 48.6 %, nuclear energy: 0 %, renewable: 0.2 %, hydropower: 51.3 %.

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