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Flag of Holy See (Vatican City) in the Europe | National states flags of the World countries

Holy See (Vatican City)

Flag of Holy See (Vatican City)

Flag of Holy See (Vatican City) in the Europe | National states flags of the World countries
Vatikánská vlajka | Flagge von Holy See (Vatican City) | Bandera de la Santa Sede (Ciudad del Vaticano)

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Information about Holy See (Vatican City)

The information comes from the publication CIA The World Factbook.

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Country Holy See (Vatican City) is situated in a location / continent Europe. Holy See (Vatican City) has an area of 0 km2 and 836 residents. The highest point has a height 75 above sea level. and it is called bezejmenné místo. The lowest point is located at the level of 19 above sea level and it is named nameless place. System of government is theocratic absolute monarchy and the date of independence 11th February 1929. The capital city is Vatican City. Holy See (Vatican City) has the international abbreviation VT.

Holy See (Vatican City) - economy

Holy See (Vatican City) - demography

As suggested above, Holy See (Vatican City) has 836 people. Population growth is in the amount 0.00 % per year.

Holy See (Vatican City) - transport and telecommunications


Number of active fixed telephone lines is 5 120. Holy See (Vatican City) have 102 Internet connections. Holy See (Vatican City) has been assigned a domain first Choose range .va.

Holy See (Vatican City) - energetics


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